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New Tour Dates by Popular Demand
June 2023

What's Included


+ Private Coach Transportation throughout the Tour

+Professional accompaniment by Europe Express Escorts

+Private Beer Tastings and Events by your host Mark Gerlach  and local Breweries

+Private & Exclusive Brewery Tours by the local Brewmasters/Owners and your host

+Breakfast, Multi-Course Lunch and Dinner and all other meals listed in the itinerary, including 2-3 beers per meal, table water and coffee

+All services as listed in your ITINERARY 

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Mark Bio

breweries are few and far between. 


His ability became so acute that he doesn’t need a brewery tour to tell him if a brewery uses those two processes in their brewing. He just needs to taste the beers. He has been asked over the years by many German breweries to please import and represent our beers in America but he only works with those that use the two processes.


Over the years Mark took friends and beverage industry executives to Germany to visit some of the very best breweries in Bavaria that are generally not open to the public. For the first time, he has agreed to lead a small group of maximum 30 people on a week-long "Insider of Microbrews in Bavaria” tour in June 2020.

Some 40+ years ago Mark was trying to fulfill his childhood dream of playing professional tennis. He was introduced to a sponsor in Germany. So at 19 years of age, he got on a plane and moved to Germany.


During his time over there a lot of the tournaments were being sponsored by breweries during their beer festivals. His curiosity for German beer took off from there. Every town he visited he would make an effort to visit the breweries that were there. He tasted, studied, visited and learned as much as he could about all the styles, history, laws, culture, and the mechanics of German beer. 


Then when he retired from the tennis circuit he still would go back in the summer for a month and the winter for a couple of weeks to visit friends

and continue his research of German beer. His undying curiosity and love of German beer continue to this day.


After all this time he has personally visited about 800 of the 1300 German breweries. His job was made easier by the fact that half of all the breweries were in the single state of Bavaria, which is a land and people he came to love.


One thing along the way that he learned was to trust his palate. He began to easily recognize the beers that were more complex and vibrant and better made from others. What his palette told him was that breweries that used open tank fermentation and also used a natural process to create the second fermentation and CO2 in beer called "Krausen" created the best beers by far. Unfortunately, those

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