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Our Philosophy

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Mark grew up in the Uplifter’s Ranch area in Santa Monica Canyon, California and was steeped in it’s spirit and tradition. His pursuits of the better life prompted him to want to share his epicurean finds with others. Thus, Uplifters Spirits was born with an eponymous homage to the inspiration which started it all. Mark continues to canvas the world for the better things in life and bring them back to you. One of those gems is the  craftsmen of Bavarian spirits whose long tradition and skill have excelled to the quiet delight of all living in its valley embraced by the Alps.

The Bavarian Vista

Mark spent 25 years seeking out, researching, studying, and tasting German beer.  He visited 800 of the 1,200 German breweries until he found 3 breweries that fit his high expectations.   

Mark speaks the Bavarian dialect fluently and this is where he found the Holy Grail.

Each brewery he imports uses Open Tank fermentation and the natural process called Krausen so the beers go through second fermentation that creates CO2 naturally.  Each brewery has its own distinct character that sets its beers apart.

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