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DAY-1 June 9, 2022

This will be the brewery tour of your life.  You are visiting tiny family run breweries that Americans never see, visit, or get to try their beers.  And yes you will get to visit Schoenram and Schwendl.  Hold on for the ride.

Well, we have to meet in Munich before we launch so the only brewery I like of the 6 massive Munich breweries is Augustiner.  So we will have dinner there

DAY-2 June 10, 2022

We whisk away on our chariot to the small villages of Upper Bavaria.  We start with a tiny wheat beer brewery – Unertl in Haag.  This a super family and they make essentially 3 wheat beers.  We lunch at their wonderful brewery restaurant and get a brewery tour.


That afternoon/evening we get to attend a traditional Bavarian Volksfest.  Not the tourist trap Oktoberfest.  No Americans have ever attended this wonderful festival. 


DAY-3 June 11, 2022

We will be doing a tour and tasting at Weißbräu Schwendl.  There will be Weisswurst and Traditional Bavarian Pretzels, of course.  


We will afterwards do a little sightseeing in the region.


DAY-4 June 12, 2022

I will guide you through a day in Salzburg culminating in beer and food at the famous Augustiner-Haus, not to be confused with the Munich brewery with the same name.


DAY-5 June 13, 2022

This day will not be for teetotalers. We will visit 3 breweries.

Lunch and tour at Schoenram. Hopefully the world’s best brewmaster, Eric Toft will be able to join us.


We then travel west to visit the Maxlrain Brewery. The castle is amazing but the Prince lets no one in. 


We will then travel a short distance to the town of Miesbach where I lived for 5 years.  We will visit the BreweryRestaurant of the Weißbier Brewery Hopf and have dinner.  It is a small town and you can actually walk back to the hotel.

DAY-6 June 14, 2022

You will need some fresh air after yesterday.  So we will do a little hiking on the Wahlberg. Those that can’t make it all the way up can take the chairlift up.  


We are then going to visit a Natural Cheese Factory that is owned by 17 local dairy farmers all of which I know.  You will want to bring home cheese with you.


Then we have to take a visit to the famous Tegernseer Braeustueberl.  Lots of Americans and others have been here but it is worth the visit as the monks there have been brewing beer since 746.  The history is amazing.


DAY-7 June 15, 2022

We will head to lunch, tour and tasting at the Nunnery and Brewery Kloster Reutberg.  Great beers and views from the beer garden.


Last but never least is my good friend Guenter Klose and his family brewery Dachsbräu.  He makes, in my opinion, the best Export Helles in the world.


Our tour concludes upon check-in at the Hotel Novotel Munich Airport.

DAY-8 June 16, 2022

Breakfast at the hotel. Group members make their own way to the Munich airport. Onward travel arranged separately.


Call Stefan at (310) 773-1348 or email him:

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